It’s Money You Are Owed – Claim It!

We know how to make the government give you your money back. Derecho Investigations specializes in MISSING ASSET RECOVERY. We have all seen THE scams. Please allow us to introduce our licensed investigative firm.

“THE Government (Federal, State, and Local) has every reason to keep you from finding your money or returning it to you.”

  • By not notifying you of its existence or how to claim it, the government earns interest from thousands, if not millions of accounts.
  • There is NO law requiring them to find you or tell you that they have accounts with your money.
  • In North Carolina, only licensed investigators have access to the location of the accounts.
  • Few investigators are even aware of how to find the accounts, and match them up with their rightful owner.

Derecho Investigations is Licensed, Bonded and Insured with oversight by the state Private Protective Services Board. Call Us at 833-377-4871.

  • We contacted you with a letter like the one posted below. You are owed at LEAST $10,000 according to our initial research.
  • We research accounts like those on an ongoing basis.
  • We only send out letters when there is a definite likelihood we have the correct person and the correct account. Once you sign our agreement we will research the details of the account and your identity to confirm a match.
  • You are under NO obligation to contact us, work with us, nor even pursue your money.
  • We will present you with an agreement so we can recover our costs ONLY if we successfully match you to an account with funds, and we secure those funds for you.


  1. Call our office and request the recovery contract.
  2. Once the agreement is signed, then we have additional forms needed for the Court process.
  3. To represent your interests, I will require a limited power of attorney specific to this issue only, so I can present it to each government entity.
  4. I make application to the appropriate Court, and then we have to wait up to 120 days for a response.
  5. Additionally, since your funds may be held at the state level, or in many counties, I will have to file for each of those individually.
  6. Once the funds are released to us by the Court, we will give you a final accounting, and forward a check for payment in full.

THAT is the entire process.

Again, you will never be asked for personal information, or to pay anything to recover these funds.

Please feel free to research our firm

Please see our standard letter:


My name is Ron Mann and I own a licensed private investigation firm, License #4885 NC and #D0003819 SC, located in Charlotte, North Carolina. My website is and our toll-free phone is 833-377-4871. Since this letter pertains to at least $10,000 in UNRECOVERED FUNDS that are owed to you, please investigate my firm before dismissing this offer.

  • I NEVER ask for funds or personal information from you.
  • I am asking YOUR PERMISSION to trace and recover unclaimed funds you are owed.

HOW IT WORKS: We scour the country and find unclaimed funds by auditing government agencies, examining their public records, and identifying money they’re holding in trust for individuals like yourself.

  1. Once funds have been located, we research their origin by going back through agency records to determine rightful ownership. In this case, our research has us convinced that owner is YOU.
  2. We can assist you in the recovery of your funds and do so on a contingency basis (that means no upfront cost to you). Just like a law firm that takes cases they know will succeed on contingent, we do the same with unrecovered funds.
  3. We will NEVER ask you to pay anything out-of-pocket. If we’re successful in recovering these funds, only then are we paid a percentage. You keep the lion’s share of your funds, of course.
  4. Additionally, because it is difficult to trust any offer like this we will advance you $250 of your prospective funds upon the signing of the forms necessary that will enable us to collect the unclaimed funds on your behalf. Government agencies will not allow us to recover funds without your permission in writing.
  5. The total process is very complex, with multiple steps, and takes from 90 to 120 days to complete, as we file paperwork with multiple government agencies.
  6. You will be furnished an itemized statement outlining the various charges associated with your case which we earn once we recover and deliver your funds.

Give us a call so we can begin the claim processing – 833-377-4871. We will then verify the money we found is yours and we will go and get it!