Executive Protection Training Course March 2020

Derecho Investigations and Dignitary Protection and Security Group are hosting a comprehensive executive protection training course in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dates & Location:

March 23 – 29, 2020
Private Security Executive Protection Operations
Law Enforcement Accredited
7 Day Course – 80 hours total

Course Contents:

  • 34 Terminal Learning objectives
  • (7 Distance Learning, 27 Resident)
  • 11 Practical exercises
  • 3 Facilitated discussions
  • Live Capstone

Dignitary Protection and Security Group (www.dpsgus.com) and Derecho Investigations (www.derechoinvestigations.com) will be hosting a 7-day Executive Protection (EP) course conducted by Independent Security Advisors (ISA).

This ISA course is approved through the NC PPSB and Virginia’s DCJS. Participants will earn 12 CE from NC PPSB and meet the requirements to apply for your DCJS Personal Protection Specialist credentials.

The Private Security Executive Protection Operations aka Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist Course prepares students to conduct or support diplomatic /executive protective service operations.

Students will be introduced to the methodology of “Protection in Depth” which is further refined around the corporate model of executive protection. Students will understand protective operations encompasses many areas, including threat assessment, advance work, operational mission planning, emergency response and management, intelligence gathering, intelligence analysis, terrorism and the basics of protective service operations.

This course is designed for students providing protective services for diplomats, elected officials, and political appointees, members of the court, corporate executives and private individuals of wealth or other risk factors who are potential targets of terrorism and/or criminal acts.

Browse to: www.EPTRaining.us for course descriptions. This course will be taught in uptown Charlotte and is in the shadow of the Spectrum Center where the RNC 2020 convention will be held. This course will utilize the very locations that will be inside and outside the perimeters of the RNC convention in August of 2020.

This is a basic course and tailored to new EP agents, law enforcement and corporate security teams. This course cost is listed at $2250. See more information below for discounts and scholarships available. Further questions can be directed to Matt Parker at ISA.

This course has a hard limit of 20 people. Only prior coordination can increase that number. 

Faculty Information:

Matthew C. Parker
Program Director

Course Description: Private Security EP Operations

The Republican National Convention is coming to Charlotte North Carolina. Are you prepared to operate in a multi-jurisdictional environment on private and public property and facilities alongside state and local law enforcement, the US Secret Service and the dozens of other private sector security providers?

Question: So you have done some executive protection before, but are you sure you are ready to operate in this environment?

If you have any reservations, then this dignitary and executive protection course hosted and co-sponsored by Ron Mann and Derecho Investigations is for you and your team. Mr. Mann knows the scope of operating in Charlotte. He wants to be sure his entire staff is ready and current with their training. This extra step of hosting a fully accredited and North Carolina approved Dignitary & Executive Protection Training Course helps meet that goal.

Co-sponsored by the World Institute of Security Enhancement (WISE – http://worldinstitute.org/) and Premier Training Academy USA (https://premiertrainingacademyusa.com/) and conducted by Independent Security Advisors LLC, this program will have some of the most highly qualified guest speakers, instructors and cadre ever assembled. This is fully accredited is pure executive protection training without “shiny objects” like a day on the range or a day on the track. Use of force and drivers training are stand-alone programs, we focus completely on the critical skills and procedures of conducting executive protection.

This course is designed to introduce the student, whether law enforcement, private security or investigators to the critical, basic, and advanced foundations of Dignitary and Executive Protection. The methodology and procedures are based on the US Secret Service concept of security in depth; this ensures students learn an established standard of conduct as well as operations, critical individual skillsets and procedures. But interoperability of private security and law enforcement is also a major component of this course.

This program will specifically address dignitary and executive protection operations and introduce students to the issues associated with the different security organizations, agencies, and departments when they are operating around and within each other’s “controlled space”, especially within the operational authority of the US Secret Service, state, and local law enforcement.

The program standardizes procedures and skillsets to prepare students who will conduct or support dignitary/executive protective service operations for private clients, elected officials, and political appointees, members of the court, and corporate executives who may be potential targets of terrorism and/or criminal acts.

Course History:

Originally the introduction to executive protection operations course for local and campus law enforcement, this program was redesigned to bring private security organizations and law enforcement together under one standardized program of instruction. This course prepares students to provide close protective services at all levels of threat and in accordance with all applicable international, federal, state, and local laws and regulations, in a multi-jurisdictional environment or national security event.


Virginia Department of Criminal Justice
Course Title: Pre-Approved Alternative Training: Personal Protection Specialist 32E
Approved: 12 -12-2014 to Current date

North Carolina & South Carolina: NC DPS: Private Protective Services Board
Course Number Course Name PPSB-16-109
Dignitary & Executive Protection for Private Security
BPN Approved Expiration Credit Hours
008459P3 4/21/2016 4/21/2020 12.0 hours

Law enforcement in-service: Approved in Maryland; Virginia; Georgia; South Carolina & New Hampshire
Endorsed by the International Foundation of Protection Officers

Admission Requirements:

Must be 18 years of age or older. Must be United States citizen or legal resident alien of the United States.Be of good moral character with temperate habits (no criminal record, etc.). Individuals convicted or found guilty of a felony or misdemeanor (not to include minor traffic violations) in North Carolina or any other jurisdiction to include military court-martial or currently under protective orders must contact the Private Protective Security Board for approval to attend.Members and former members of law enforcement must be in good standing with their respective agencies and departments. Current security clearance or criminal background check. Contact us to initiate a criminal background check. Valid state driver’s license. No physical limitations that would affect a student’s ability to complete the capstone testing exercise.Military service members or veterans attending this program will need a current valid ID or if claiming veteran status, a copy of the DD-214. Recertification and In-service programs require evidence of prior close protection experience.

Course Discounts and Scholarships:

There are several scholarships just by joining either ASIS or IFPO (https://www.ifpo.org), take $1000 off of the course. Military, veteran and LEO pay $950. Group rates also apply. Use code “Derecho” for best group discount. Groups of four or more are $950. More in the group lowers the cost even further. This course will be held in the footprint of the RNC 2020 and all locations will be visited. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required (can be used for other classes if forced to cancel).

Firearms Preparation Course:

The Shooting preparation course for EP for the RNC 2020 is on the 20-22nd of March. This event is held at: Blue Ridge Marksmanship In Burnesville, NC. This course is an intermediate course for rifle (M-4), pistol and Trauma Combat Casualty Care. The courses are taught by Kevin Dylus of Blue Ridge and C. Max Boswell of Advanced Tactical Provider. www.Blueridgemarksmanship.com

Go to http://blueridgemarksmanship.com/courses/defensive-pistol/ and select the appropriate amount of seats.

This course has a round count of 500 rounds of pistol and 400 rounds for rifle. This course will qualify for CE with NC PPSB upon application for one-time credit. On-site rough lodging is available as well as hotel accommodations 20 minutes away. The course is $400. There is LEO and military/veteran discount. Pay for this course to hold your place. Maximum: 15 students.