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As old as time itself, surveillance is a specialty which Derecho Investigations handles with delicacy and discretion. We have a variety of ways to follow individuals or groups to determine if they are engaged in illegal or unacceptable activities. Our capabilities include:

Personal and Spouse Surveillance:

Spouses, relatives and teens present the most typical cases for personal surveillance. Often, we find that by following an individual we can determine what types of activities they are engaged in which our client may need to know about. Spouses who claim they do not cheat, drink, use drugs, or gamble are often caught during surveillance breaking their promises or claims. People recovering from addictions, or who have a history of problems, often present the same issues when surveilled.

Fidelity & Family Matters:

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Derecho Investigations wants a spouse to have the information they need to trust their partner, and prepare for the rest of their life, whether together or not. If you have suspicion that your spouse is cheating, and not simply distracted, contact us for a confidential case review. It is especially important to employ us if you believe your spouse could become physically violent. We do not recommend confrontation to find out what you need to know. Our company can provide you with the information you need to either remain together, reconcile, or separate with better safety for you and any children.

Derecho Investigations uses traditional and state-of-the-art methods to gather itineraries, observe and report activities to our clients.

Corporate Surveillance:

There are several reasons to conduct employee surveillance beyond typical security clearance issues and risks.


Employees who owe gambling debts, have huge medical bills, or financial problems can find themselves stealing from their employers. Many do so and excuse their own behavior. After habitual pilfering, they don’t even feel concerned or guilty. They have justified the crime in their mind. Our job is to watch their movements and activities to make sure that unusual behavior is reported.

Contractual Violations:

If an employee has a non-compete clause or contractual obligation that they are violating, surveillance can often uncover what is occurring so that employers can take proper steps to protect their business interests. Employees are especially prone to using insider knowledge and trade secrets to prepare or engage in their own competing business activities, such as approaching vendors, suppliers, and clients. Derecho Investigations has the capacity to follow the subject and learn when they are doing in their off hours.

Immoral Behavior:

In today’s world of instant broadcast via social media, how an employ conducts themselves outside of business hours can have devastating consequences on the employer. Depending on their position in a company, an employees’ illicit activities can easily become known to the public and become a PR nightmare. Derecho Investigations can complete surveillance of executives, key personnel, tech personnel and associates with discretion. We will let our client know if there is cause for concern, often before a problem blossoms into a major distraction.

Online Behavior:

In keeping with the physical surveillance noted above, Derecho Investigations can also track and uncover illicit online behavior. While the internet created a world without boundaries for transmission of positive messages, it also linked together everyone who has a baser instinct or desire to rant at will. In the case of a minor we have discovered that many use alter-egos online and have multiple accounts in social media so as to fool their parents. We can help uncover that behavior so parents know what is really going on with their child hopefully before criminal acts can occur.

Maintaining Confidentiality:

In addition to surveillance, our private investigators handle a wide range of sensitive legal matters. Contact Derecho Investigations in Charlotte, North Carolina to conduct investigations relating to:

  • Blackmail
  • Extortion
  • Skip tracing
  • Business investigations
  • Criminal case reviews
  • Corporate security

Protecting Our Clients and Our Subjects:

One caveat that potential clients must know is that before we engage in tracing and surveillance, we must have a legitimate reason to do so, and our client cannot be barred from following someone. As an ethical firm, we confirm your relationship to the subject before any commitment is made to conduct surveillance.

Reach out to Derecho Investigations for more details and we can conduct a confidential review of your situation.

We also provide client protective services you may need during a high-profile investigation. We are highly trained in executive protection and can keep you safe if you are threatened during an investigation.

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