InDepth™ Investigation & Security

What Are InDepth™ Services?

With advances in artificial intelligence and associated computer modeling abilities, the field of investigation has been employing newer technologies to form opinions, trace leads, and sometimes fill-in missing data to help investigators solve cases. These latest abilities can be applied to a wide range of planning and execution for both investigations and security related problems. Both companies, Derecho Investigations and Dignitary Protection & Security Group, will apply lessons learned to all aspects of their work.

InDepth™ Executive Protection:

DPSG is known for its ability to transport, secure, and guide important clients through their day, including executives, politicians, VIPs, and celebrities. Our situational awareness is truly InDepth™, far beyond typical bodyguards. These abilities were born from decades of training for combat, investigation, and observance. Their skills were honed conducting counter-stalking techniques and developing security plans for a wide range of clients.

You benefit from their experience. While others may have some law enforcement background, DPSG goes far beyond with complex military training, and the ability to integrate other necessary skills to provide top tier protective services.

InDepth™ Security Site Surveys:

This can include all the advance work, akin to Secret Service level planning and threat detection. DPSG leaves nothing to chance. From examining commercial and office spaces, to the details of your residence, DPSG will discover your strengths, weaknesses and threats you were not aware you had.

InDepth™ Secure Transportation:

From customized and varied routes, aircraft, and unmarked vehicles, to highly adaptive personnel, drivers, and experienced security professionals, the DPSG team is uniquely qualified to be the invisible force that drives your group forward. Whether attending a corporate conference, a campaign stop, or keeping a visiting celebrity safe from prying eyes, our team will get you where you need to be on time without incident.

InDepth™ Criminal Defense Investigation:

Defending yourself or a loved one facing serious criminal charges requires a team of investigators who worked for both prosecution and defense in their careers. Many PIs today only have law enforcement training and little experience in litigation or building a prosecutorial case. This can be crucial to understanding the evidence and testimony the prosecution plans to present. Derecho Investigation’s lead investigator, Ron Mann, pursued many complex criminal cases while serving as a military investigator for the prosecution. As a defense investigator today, and former state trooper, he understands his clients’ needs for expertise in proving alibis, vetting witness statements, retracing research, unwinding a prosecutor’s case, all prior to arriving in court.

When you face criminal charges, trust Derecho Investigations to work with your attorneys and secure your future freedom. Their tenacity and InDepth™ Case Review will help bring you one step closer to home.

InDepth™ Background Checks:

From your personal assistant or secretary to close members of your office, Derecho Investigation will provide you with the most intense background reviews possible. Allow them to answer the question, “How well do you know those around you?”.

Their insights will bring you peace of mind, and help remove any threats to your personal safety or financial security. Criminal background, driving, resume confirmation and interviews are just the beginning. Where other firms leave off, Derecho starts building a profile to dig deeper and understand the background and motivations of those you need to trust with your life and livelihood.

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