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What does it mean to get prepared?

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What does it mean to get prepared? For what? Well, the covid-19 virus may require you and your family to stay home and “ride out the storm.” This will require you to have at least 24 days of food supplies on hand. You may very well be forced or elect to stay home.

Whether due to a virus, a tornado, hurricane or solar flare/EMP there are enough faults in this world that our technical society can easily trip over and fall. Believing that it can never happen is called “normalcy bias” and causes many fatalities every year during sudden events. Normalcy bias is the belief that since yesterday was good and last week was good, then tomorrow and next will be good. Well, that is rarely the case in this world. Each day can be drastically different. The purpose for creating societies is to control people so they do the right things and make a future possible. With that said there are such things as “Black Swan Events” that are so far out of the norm that they are unpredictable. The term “black swan” is more closely associated, and feared on Wall Street. The Covid-19/N-Cov/Novel Coronavirus is such an event. It has caused the world’s 2nd largest economy to stop dead. It is causing Japan (3rd largest) to come to a halt. South Korea (12th largest) is also taking a massive hit-everything was sourced in China. This virus is rapidly spreading through Italy (8th largest) and Germany (4th largest). Distance and hygiene will be key to defeat this virus.

Resources and References:

To create distance, one must separate from society in your home. To do that you must be able to ride this out by staying home for up to 30 days according to the CDC advisory:

To build a 30 day pantry, and other supplies I have included the following links. Please do not hoard! Buy what you eat normally, but add canned fruits and vegetables, etc. Start your gardens! I hope this helps. More to follow. is a great place to start and has links to everything. I suggest James Wesley, Rawles’ book “How to survive TEOTWAKI (The end of the world as we know it). Many useful tips and tricks to save time, prevent waste and prepare.

Church preparedness:

For hospitals, doctors and dentist/orthodontists offices:

Every 100 years there is a pandemic (virus spreading through two or more regions-this virus is a pandemic. The WHO does not want to declare it a pandemic because of a type of bond they back-

Read this for how the world fought the Spanish Flu of 1918 (started in Kansas):

Go here to prepare a three-week pantry effectively. Then add for more time:

The organic prepper has a very useful pamphlet on getting prepared. Visit the site and a pop up will ask for your email. The pamphlet will be emailed to you.

Remember, you will 1-2 gallons of water per day, per person (depending on weather). This includes hygiene! Toilets will flush with pond water if it comes to that.

Peanut butter is a good, long lasting food supply.

Buy only what you will eat

You may have to boil water and have backup lights if this virus goes deep into our society-it has in China. I recommend waster filters that screen to at least 99.99%. There are good ones at Walmart by the Sawyer brand.

Make sure you have two can openers! In the prepper world the phrase “one in none and two is one” is a common statement. If one breaks what is your backup?

Only buy what you will eat and have two ways to cook-one is none and two is one!

Cleaning supplies! You will need to constantly wipe the counter, door handles and toilet flush levers several times per day. You will wash or wipe your hands after contact with people and hard surfaces, food, laundry and trash. Ammonia, 60% alcohol hand sanitizer, etc.

You will need salt and sugar.

You will need comfort foods and candy to help people with a sense of normalcy (opposite of normalcy bias!).

Fuel may be a problem. In hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes fuel becomes an issue.

Good shoes-and wear them! You cannot afford to go to a hospital where all of the sick people are! You need to keep from overloading the medical system in any way possible.

Store the food where it will be in a cool, dry location and free from pests. Do not lose your investment because of the environment! is a great place to shop online. Realize though how many goods come from China! There are already shortages everywhere throughout the system.

Do not panic!

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