Case Studies: Criminal Sexual Assault Charges

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A client stood accused of sexual assault:

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Always believing the victim may not always bring truth to light. Our investigators can document cases where the accuser is actually lying to gain something from the defendant. Vengeance and financial gain are typical, but there are other reasons. One of our most stunning cases underscores the problem with tacitly believing the victim and not providing a strong criminal defense for the accused.

“If it were not for Derecho Investigations my entire life would have been destroyed. I had no idea that a false accusation could carry so much weight.”

– Jose R.

The Case of a Relative and a False Sexual Assault Charge:

Every legal issue begins with a solid case review. Derecho Investigations looks for errors and omissions, contradictions, and invalid procedures to give the legal team a sound foundation on which to create a defense or seek dismissal entirely.

Our client was a legal Hispanic company owner, a new American. One of his close relatives claimed he was sexually assaulting them and other relatives. He was subsequently arrested and faced prosecution. The victim in this case was all too eager to see the criminal proceedings continue. All involved in the case thought this was a simple matter. It wasn’t.

The defense attorney called Derecho Investigations to interview all the family members. This was a critical first step. The police do not look for evidence to exonerate an accused. Their job is to prosecute and find evidence against you. The private investigator’s job is to look for information, witnesses and evidence that will demonstrate your innocence.

Utilizing our highly trained principal investigator, Derecho Investigations looked for inconsistencies in the case. We started by speaking with the entire family individually. Throughout the numerous interviews, we were able to determine that the accuser had lied over 90% of the time. The incidents could not have occurred when the accuser claimed they had. The “victim’s” story not only did not make sense, it was easily proven to be a fabrication.

Since we proved that the claims were mostly falsified, the accuser was discredited as a reliable witness. This revelation lead to further review by the prosecution and the charges were ultimately dropped.

After further investigation, we uncovered the accuser’s true motivation which was to obtain a U-VISA to remain in the country. The accuser was an illegal alien and they needed to do something to make sure they could stay in the US. If you are the victim of a serious crime you can receive an automatic visa, so this is not an uncommon occurrence.

Don’t Wait To Defend Yourself:

If you find yourself charged with a crime, do not wait to act. You have a right to your own investigation and our team will be there to make sure that not only are all procedures properly followed, and all evidence gathered is accurate, but also to ensure that witnesses are telling the truth or remembering the facts of the case and not making up their own fantasy because that is what the prosecution needs.

Remember, you need an attorney first, but secondarily you need an investigator. Derecho Investigations has a good track record of uncovering the facts necessary to exonerate clients.

Maintaining Confidentiality:

In addition to criminal defense, our private investigators handle a wide range of sensitive legal matters. Contact Derecho Investigations in Charlotte, North Carolina to conduct investigations relating to:

  • Blackmail
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  • Surveillance

Protecting Our Clients:

We also provide client protective services you may need during a high-profile investigation. We are highly trained in executive protection and can keep you safe if you are threatened during an investigation.

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