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Executive Protection and Firearms: A Catch-22

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What is the Priority for Weapons Training?

In the many Executive Protection (EP) internet photos and articles you will inevitably see EP agents training on the shooting range or the company orients itself to firearms somehow.

Every EP detail should always do proper threat assessment and planning to avoid having to use their firearms, but never forgetting that the enemy always gets a vote. The problem is that too much focus is placed on firearms as a “go to” or is considered a last-resort solution first, first.


Challenging Times Call For Preparedness From Roaming Mobs

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Restaurants have become key targets by mass demonstrations intent on harassing and disturbing patrons and commerce. While peaceful protests are legal, we have all seen the videos where all too often the mob feels emboldened and entitled to attack innocent customers, restaurant staff and management without warning. (Read More to download a helpful guide)

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Blackmail Most Foul

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Derecho Investigations completed a recent extortion case where a young professional called our office and informed us that he worked for a large Charlotte company and was very worried. He was being blackmailed and had spent $30,000 to meet the blackmailer’s demands. The young man had entered a dating site and spoke with a young woman. They shared photos and then she shared a racier photo and asked him for the same, which he then provided.

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Beware of Scam Phone Calls

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This article is courtesy of First Citizens Bank:

4 Types of Scam Calls to Watch Out For

Have you ever received an email or a phone call from someone saying you’ve won a financial prize or have an unexpected inheritance coming your way? Sometimes these calls may appear to come from a government official or a lawyer’s office. Often, they’re located in a different part of the country—or a different country altogether.

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